Examples of Applications

Oil and Gas Control Systems With Redul PLC

Automation in oil and gas industry presents strict requirements to the reliability of the programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and to their technical specifications. Redul BX00 PLCs comply with everything that the industry requires, delivering stable and continuous control of the operations, withstanding multiple faults in the system, and pioneering flexible system design and communication among interconnected subsystems in the field.

Digital input modules have Sequence of Events capability built-in by default, to analyze events in the system step-by-step without impact of the communication lines. Output modules can be configured for the strategies to properly shutdown the underlying system(s) in case of complete loss of communication.

Extension with the integrated BetaRedul SCADA brings in redundant servers for operational control, trends, alarms, events, historical data, in-house developed noSQL database optimized for time series. Cascade regulation in the systems is available both at the controller level or through the centralized control from BetaRedul.

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