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Hardware – Regul RX00 Programmable Logic Controllers

With the world putting pressures on the costs of operation, requiring continuous savings without compromise on performance.
A flexible system, allowing integration with other systems over standard protocols, while being able to expand itself via
a modular structure, becomes an optimal response.

The philosophy of the Regul PLCs is built on the pillars of performance, high availability, and cost-conscious flexible system
design. Built in full in our own factory, with an integrated control of the components lifecycle, and multi-day quality testing
in the in-house test laboratory.

The strike of the right balance already found its appreciation by the oil and gas companies, power industry, utilities, and
industrial companies.


Regul R500 is a high-availability real-time programmable logic controller, designed for the use in process industries.

It features high-speed dual ring data bus, allowing fast collection of data for further processing, even with complex algorithms, without compromising on speed.

Its flexibility of communications and a special focus on redundancy, instrument-free replacement of hot-swappable modules, make it controller of choice when processes must go uninterrupted.

Regul R500S - SIL3 safety programmable logic controller

The new REGUL R500S controller is based on the platform of the existing commercially available controller, but it is an entirely new product developed according to the IEC 61508 standard.

Developing the REGUL R500S safety controller for emergency control systems involved combining existing knowledge in the emergency automation field and a large base of technical solutions and know-how regarding controller equipment.

Regul R600 Programmable Logic Controller

Regul R600 is a high-availability real-time programmable logic controller, designed for the use in process industries, where additional electromagnetic protection, vandal-proof housing, and/or extended temperature range are preferred.

Regul R400 HMI/PLC

The REGUL R400 controller is a combination of a human-machine interface (HMI) and a CPU in one module. Internally it shares most of the electronic part with R500 CU 071 CPU module. Internal bus supports ring operation and the device can operate in one system with I/O module of any other REGUL series.

Regul R200 PLC

REGUL R200 was designed to operate as a standalone compact system or a remote I/O.

This series features powerful CPU modules with RS-232, RS-485, RJ-45/FO ports, has built-in communication protocols (OPC UA/DA, Modbus TCP/RTU), hold GPS/Glonass receiver for built-in time server, and have MMC slots for additional/removable memory.

Technical Highlights

  1. 1
    Controllers designed for hardware redundancy

    Regul bus is bi-directional and can be installed as a dual ring with the stable delivery of data between CPU modules and I/O modules. The latter are configurable with strategies in case of complete loss of communication, allowing proper and timed shutdown of the equipment.
    Additional system stability is provided with the dual synchronization channels, dual SCADA connections, dual or multiple power supplies per rack.

  2. 2
    Switchover in 1-2 cycles via hot-standby CPU

    CPU modules in the controllers execute application in parallel, reducing time required to process inputs and write outputs. The design of the Regul R500 and R600 controllers was done in a way that delivers a switchover within 1-2 application cycles.

  3. 3
    Support for Modbus and IEC protocols

    Regul controllers have support for Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP protocols, as well as for the IEC 60870-5-101 and 60870-5-104 for the power industry (R500 and R600 only).

  4. 4
    Support for OPC DA and OPC UA protocols

    Protocols to communicate with servers and SCADA systems, promoted by OPC Foundation. Certified compliance for Regul R500 in the Baden-Württemberg laboratory of the Foundation.

  5. 5
    Programmable with IEC 61131-3 languages or CFC

    Configuration and programming of all the Regul controllers is made with the Epsilon LD software, provided and supported free of charge. The software supports visual representation of the rack configuration and supports all five IEC 61131-3 languages (LD, ST, FBD, IL, SFC) and CFC.

  6. 6
    Integrated GPS/Glonass receiver for time stamping

    CPU module in every series of the Regul controllers carry an integrated GPS / Glonass receivers to have correct and independent synchronization of the internal clock. Time server runs inside the CPU module with the actual time stamping inside the I/O modules.

  7. 7
    DVI/VGA output and WEB HMI

    In some cases, an external monitor must be connected directly to the PLC to monitor the data on it. And a keyboard with a printer can be used without installing an additional HMI. There is also an option of CPU modules to come with pre-installed Web server. HMI for the Web server is prepared in the Epsilon LD software and accessed via a web browser.



Epsilon LD is an integrated software package that provides all the tools required for configuration, programming and maintenance of all the REGUL controllers.

Having one package only enables you to flexibly use the most appropriate controller series in your project without having to learn new tools and approaches.

Epsilon LD supports development of applications in all five IEC 61131-3 languages and in CFC.


AlfaRegul is an integrated control system (ICS) for the automation of production processes. The system combines SCADA and PLC in one package with one point of support.

AlfaRegul ICS is designed for creating control systems of large production facilities with distinct breakdown by functional features as well as for building distributed control systems (DCS) with cascade regulation.

AlfaRegul ICS is a single control tool of production processes that allows for reducing the time of commissioning of control circuits, minimizing operation risks and saving project investments.

Regul OPC DA Server

The OPC server is designed to access the exported variables (symbolic configuration of the project) of the Epsilon LD application through the OPC DA interface. The application is designed to work with the Regul RX00 series controllers in standalone version or as a part of redundant system.

Installed Base of the Regul RX00 Controllers

200Installed systems
10Cycle time of the fastest system (ms)
5000Largest number of channels
60Maximum number of SCADA workstations