Monitoraggio di vibrazione

The sensors measure air gap /axial shift (IVD-2) or root-mean-square (rms) value of the vibration speed in one (IVD-4) or one/three mutually perpendicular directions (IVD-3). IVD-3 and IVD-4 can be used in the systems of vibration diagnostics, thanks to the capability of sending arrays of values, proportional to the instantaneous acceleration. The arrays can then be used to calculate spectral components of vibration with fast conversion by Fourier.

The sensors are based on RISC-controllers with required periphery. All the conversions of the input signal are done inside the sensors, that allows to:

  1. Improve resistance to noise
  2. Improve accuracy of measurement
  3. Avoid the use of additional converters.

IVD vibration sensors can be used in explosion-risk areas and have the following specifications:

  • Explosion-proof level in form of a special shell and circuit:
  • Ingress protection – IP67
  • Operating temperature range – -60 … +80 °C (-60 … +85 °C for IVD-4)
  • Operating voltage – 12…24 VDC (12…26 VDC for IVD-4)
  • Data exchange interface – RS-485, Modbus RTU
  • Software calibration and configuration of the sensors with ConfigIVD tool, supplied together with the sensors

For the connection into the existing automation systems, IVD vibration sensors have modifications with unified analog output, 4…20 mA.

To provide protection of the equipment without integration into the automation systems, the sensors can be ordered as sensors-switches. In this case, warning and emergency setpoints are written into the internal memory of the sensor during configuration. After reaching the corresponding level, the sensor forms a digital, “open drain”, signal.

Comparison of the Specifications

TypeDisplacement sensorsAccelerometerAccelerometer
Axes of measurement-One/threeOne
Air gap/axial shift measurement range0.1…6.0 mm--
Root-mean-square (rms) value of vibration speed, measurement range-0.5…30 mm/s0.5…30 mm/s
Acceleration measurement range-0.2…45 m/s20.2…45 m/s2
Unified current signal, in proportion to air gap/axial shift4…20 mA--
Unified current signal, in proportion to rms value of vibration speed-4…20 mA4…20 mA
Frequency range for rms value of vibration speed-10…1 kHz10…1 kHz
Supported interfacesRS-485RS-485RS-485
Supported protocolsModbus RTUModbus RTUModbus RTU
Calibration and configuration softwareConfigIVDConfigIVDConfigIVD
Air gap measurement errorLess than 0.5%--
RMS value of vibration speed, measurement error-Less than 10%Less than 10%
Output data update frequencyOnce a secondOnce a secondOnce a second
Operating voltage12...24 VDC12...24 VDC12...26 VDC
Current consumptionLess than 60 mALess than 60 mALess than 60 mA
Ingress protection gradeIP67IP67IP67
Hazardous area approval
Flameproof enclosure (Exd)РВ Ex d I Mb X / IEx d IIC T5 Gb Х РВ Ex d I Mb X / IEx d IIC T5 Gb Х -
Intrinsic safety (Exi)0Ex ia IIA Т5 Ga Х0Ex ia IIA Т5 Ga Х0Ex ia IIA Т5 Ga Х
Weight, with 3.5 m cable1.5 kg1.2 kg-
Weight, with 0.7 m cable--0.3 kg
Dimensions (IVD-2 without cartridge)80 x 64 x 47 mm65 x 50 x 50 mm52 x 60 x 43 mm
M12 x L cartridge dimensionsL = 63, 80, 100, 125, 160 mm--
Operating temperature range-60…+80 °C-60…+80 °C-60…+85 °C