OPC DA Server

When working with the OPC controller, the server provides:
  • Connection at given IP addresses to two or one (redundant and non-redundant circuit) Regul controllers; one or two network interfaces to each controller
  • Access to the exported Epsilon LD variables of the project (symbolic configuration) for reading/writing arbitrary data sets both from the active controller (in the redundant circuit), and from each controller separately
From the OPC interface:
  • Support for OPC DA 2.05a interfaces
  • The ability to assign OPC groups to work with tags of the active controller, as well as to work separately with each controller directly
  • Support for variables of all simple IEC types, including one-dimensional arrays of simple types; access to finite elements of complex data types (structures, nested structures, multidimensional arrays, arrays of arrays, arrays of structures, etc.)
  • Support for VBA clients (synchronous read / write)
In a redundant system, the OPC server provides:
  • A clear and unambiguous algorithm for choosing the active controller (see Appendix A)
  • The delay in switching to the backup channel (interface) in the presence of a backup connection (interface) from the moment of detecting a break in the active channel — approximately one period of data polling from the controller