Sensore digitale di vibrazione IVD 3

The sensor was designed to be used in vibration monitoring and protection systems at the power stations, oil pumping stations, gas compressor stations, and other industrial objects. The sensor can be installed into explosive areas of the premises and into external installations, where flammable vapor and gas-air-mixtures of the categories IIA, IIB, IIC of groups T1-T5, could be formed.

The sensor provides measurement of the root-mean-square value of vibration speed / instantaneous value of vibration acceleration in one or three mutually perpendicular directions.


  • Measurement of vibration speed root-mean-square value in one or three mutually perpendicular directions
  • Signal decomposition into frequency components via Fourier fast conversion
  • Data exchange via RS-485 (Modbus RTU protocol)
  • Output of the signal as a unified current at 4-20 mA, in proportion to root-mean-square value of the vibration speed
  • Comparison of the measured parameter to the limit setpoints, stored in the non-volatile memory of the sensor
  • Generation of statuses (Warning and Failure) and discrete signals to the external devices in case of exceeding the set limits (sensor-relay)
  • Remote configuration of the parameters: network address, communication speed, warning and failure setpoints; remote calibration of the measured channel


  • Housing material – nickel-coated steel
  • Explosion protection type – explosion-proof shell


To order, use the following part number:

IVD-3XY-KAMB, where:
X – Output signal type:
C – Digital
T 420 – Digital and current (4-20 mA)
V – Digital and discrete
T – Digital on mean-square values of vibration speed and current (0-20 mA) for vibration acceleration
Y – Sensitivity axes:
1 – measurement over one axis
3 – measurement over three axes
A – Permanent attached cable length, 1.5 to 20 m
B – Protection metal hose length, 0 to 15 m