November 24, 2020

Approval of the AlfaRegul System for the Siemens Energy SGT5-2000E Heavy-Duty Gas Turbine

In 2019 Siemens Energy started searching for a control system supplier for the SGT5-2000E heavy-duty 187 MW gas turbine. High-power turbines are quite specific in technology and especially in control. The temperature in them can rise to the levels of over 1400 °C, and it dramatically increases the load while putting special stress on the strength of materials and rapidness of control action.

The supplier had to comply both with the technical requirements and with the standards on the market.  After technical discussions and preliminary tests with the short-listed suppliers, Siemens Energy decided to test AlfaRegul’s system compliance in large-scale bench tests at the main German campus.

On the completion of all the technical tests, SE GP G LRE GCO division decided to approve our group as the key supplier of the localized SGT5-2000E I&C for DPM-2 program. The program is a Russian initiative to modernize 41 GW of the generating capacity by implementing state-of-the-art equipment.