September 5, 2018

Stepping up production capacity with a second PCB assembly line

A second line for assembly of SMD components onto printed circuit boards has been put into operation. The equipment installed will improve production process parameters and more than double production capacity.

As of today, the factory produced more than 400 types of boards with more than 200,000 variants. Following the Industry 4.0 concept, we have been equipping the assembly floor with automated production lines. Their functionality has been continuously growing as we implement more “smart” production elements.

The existing surface-mounting assembly line began its operation in 2015 and can affix any component with a precision of 40-45 microns. In 2018, the line capabilities were strengthened with a German optical monitoring station, 3D AOI VISCOM. The optical testing is crucial when verifying key polarity, offset angles, pin coplanarity, and melting quality. The station has eight high-resolution cameras and is controlled by a smart program that can examine even the most hardly accessible parts of the boards in detail.

The key event in the latest stage of the upgrade in integrated production was the launch of the second SMD assembly line, equipped with EKRA printer (Germany), MYCRONIC component installer (Sweden), and a 3D SPI VISCOM (Germany) optical monitoring for the inspection of solder paste quality with Close Loop technology, and interaction with the printer.

According to the factory’s executive director, the new equipment will integrate into the company’s ERP system, to allow storage and monitoring of all the events that occur with a particular board or a component. At the moment, the second SMD assembly line is already performing routine operations along with the first and is being prepared for full operational capacity.

Continuous investments into strengthening the production base enables us to increase volume of production, reduce production costs and ensure product quality.