Sigma LD is an integrated software package that provides all the tools required for configuration, programming and maintenance of all the REDUL controllers.

Having one package only enables you to flexibly use the most appropriate controller series in your project without having to learn new tools and approaches.

Sigma LD supports development of applications in all five IEC 61131-3 languages and in CFC.

BetaRedul is an integrated control system (ICS) for the automation of production processes. The system combines SCADA and PLC in one package with one point of support.

BetaRedul ICS is designed for creating control systems of large production facilities with distinct breakdown by functional features as well as for building distributed control systems (DCS) with cascade regulation.

BetaRedul ICS is a single control tool of production processes that allows for reducing the time of commissioning of control circuits, minimizing operation risks and saving project investments.

The OPC server is designed to access the exported variables (symbolic configuration of the project) of the Sigma LD application through the OPC DA interface. The application is designed to work with the Redul BX00 series controllers in standalone version or as a part of redundant system.