Starter Pack with Fiberoptics


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Brand: GP Systems

Regul R200 Starter Pack with a set of commonly used I/O modules (analog input, digital input, digital output), 512 Mb RAM, 1 Gb Flash memory, SD card slot.

Modbus TCP/RTU, OPC UA/DA, IEC 101 protocols are included into the package.

Programmable with the free Epsilon LD software.

The package consists of:

R200 CU 00 061CPU module, ARM Cortex Ax, 512 Mb RAM, RS232, RS485, 1 x Ethernet RJ-45, 1 x Fiberoptic, GPS/GLONASS, with 24 VDC power supply module, 15 W (with support of remote racks via star or ring connection)1
R200 AI 04 011Analog Input (AI) module, 0/4…20 mA, 4 channels, common galvanic isolation, accuracy 0.1 %1
R200 DI 08 011Digital Input (DI) module, 24 VDC, 8 channels, common galvanic isolation1
R200 DO 08 011Digital Output (DO) module, 24 VDC, 0.5 A, 8 channels, common galvanic isolation1
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