Can I use fiberoptics with Regul controllers?

Yes, single-mode and multi-mode. The choice of cables between the racks depends on the rack extension modules, ST XX. You can also combine copper cable on one side of the rack and fiberoptic cables on another.

CPU synchronization can be done over copper or fiberoptic cables. Just both CPU modules need to have ports for fiberoptic connection in the latter case. Same applies to SCADA connection.

The limitation is that there are two ports for fiberoptic connection, so in case of redundant CPU sync and redundant SCADA connection, you have to select which one uses copper.

What is the maximum number of I/O channels that Regul PLCs support?

With the Regul R500/R600 the maximum number of I/O channels is 130 000. Regul R200 is generally used in smaller systems – local control systems or RTUs, where the number of channels is less critical. Maximum number of I/O modules in one rack is 12 for R600, 40 for R500, 70 for R200. Maximum number of I/O racks is 255 for each of the series.

What kind of fiberoptic cables can I use (single/multi-mode, diameter, etc.)?

Everything depends on the type of transceiver you select for your project. Our support team has tested commonly used transceivers and confirmed compatibility for 26 of them (for the use in rack connections). Some models include Avago AFBR-5715APZ / AFCT-5715PZ / AFCT-5715APZ, Cisco GLC-FE-100FX=, Source Photonics SPL-35-03-EBX-IDFM, Etherwan EX-1250TSP-MB4L-A S (more are compatible). Send us an e-mail to support@gp-systems.com for the full list of compatible modules.

What software do I need to configure/program Regul PLCs?

There is only one software package for both configuration and for programming. The software is called Epsilon LD and could be freely downloaded from our website, tab Software. The software supports programming with any of IEC 61131-3 languages, or with CFC. There is a built-in visualization editor, debugger, simulator.

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